Dining and coffee tables

Our dining tables go well with our kitchens. We hope you will share our philosophy and choose the optimum dining table together with the kitchen. Only matching interiors are perfect.

JS32 Dining table

This dining table is one of the latest additions to our range. Distinct lines and veneer corresponding to the kitchen design will complete the appearance of your home space where both cooking and dining are fun.

JS24 Dining table

Whether finished with varnish or veneer, this rustic table boasts a decorative patina coating for the right period feel. It matches beautifully with rustic HANÁK kitchen models.

Coffee table

In addition to dining tables, our product range naturally includes coffee tables. Regular or rounded shapes are available, depending only on the style and design desired. Again, we strive for maximum consistency with other HANÁK furniture.

Choose your dream table model

Choose the right table for your interior from our photo gallery.


5-year warranty on our furniture

We offer extended warranty. We believe in our work and products and therefore guarantee a full 5-year warranty on our furniture. A lifetime warranty applies to BLUM fittings, which are an integral part of our furniture.

Most advanced manufacturing technology

HANÁK FURNITURE was the first in the Czech Republic to introduce highly sophisticated technology in the area of furniture for the application of polyester paint on MDF in high gloss. The experience and continuous improvement gives it one of the finest finishes on the Czech and global markets.

Traditional craft

Honest and irreplaceable, our craftsmanship is embodied by our professional personnel proven by years of experience. Patina coating, brushing, shaping wood and similar jobs require experienced human hands. These hands are responsible for the most beautiful classic and rustic HANÁK kitchens and furniture.

Visit us

Just one visit does it, we believe, to convince you that we can produce high-quality furniture that your home deserves. You may arrange a non-binding appointment with our designer, see our sample furniture studio and get a quotation.